Time for Turnbull to step up.

Michael Gordon, Political editor of The Age writes:

“Now that the legality of detaining asylum seekers indefinitely on foreign shores has been upheld by the High Court, Malcolm Turnbull has some big decisions to make.

The most immediate is whether he moves quickly to send around 100 children, including 37 babies, to the tiny, sweltering island with their mothers to face a precarious life in limbo.

To a large extent, the government is captive to its own brutal rhetoric and the mindset that any show of compassion will represent a green light for people smugglers to resume their trade.”


 Malcolm Turnbull  appears indifferent to the plight of the asylum seekers

The problem for the people who are suffering in detention is that the federal opposition and its leader have adopted a completely supine position in relation to this policy.

Neither political leader has the guts nor the compassion to stand up and say “This is enough.  Detaining these people on Nauru and Manus Island is not necessary to deterring people smugglers. It is time for them to be brought to Australia.”

Bill Shorten is on a hiding to nothing in the next federal election so why not stand up and do something that may prove to be a game changer.


 Bill Shorten thinks about taking a stand on asylum seekers

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