Has anything changed under Malcolm Turnbull?

Remember when Tony Abbott was attacking the Bureau of Meteorology for reporting whether activity related to climate change?

Former prime minister Tony Abbott’s own department discussed setting up an investigation into the Bureau of Meteorology amid media claims it was exaggerating estimates of global warming, Freedom of Information documents have revealed.


 Gotta do something to get Bureau of Meteorology to toe the government’s line on climate change. Bugger reporting the weather.

Remember when we thought that the elevation of the smooth-talking member for Wentworth would bring about a change in some of the more aggressive government policies?

Time to think again.

The Age reports that:  “Australia will break a commitment made at the Paris climate summit less than two months ago if CSIRO goes ahead with its plan to axe its research programs, one of the agency’s leading scientists has warned.

John Church, a globally recognised expert on sea level rise and one of CSIRO’s most decorated researchers, said organisation chief Larry Marshall had misled the public by claiming there was now less need for climate research because the problem had been “proven”.

About 100 jobs are planned to go from units dedicated to research in areas including greenhouse gas levels, sea level rise, ocean temperatures, ocean acidification and assessing what is required to keep global warming to two degrees.”

As part of its commitment at Paris, Australia agreed there should be greater investment in climate research, including improved observations and early warning systems.

Perhaps Prime Minister Turnbull can explain how cutting jobs at CSIRO squares with this international commitment.

You may remember him basking in the international media glory when Australia was a signatory to the Paris agreement.

Perhaps someone should remind him that a commitment to combating climate change is not merely a photo opportunity.


 Malcolm Turnbull and Paris climate change conference. Nice photo.

He’ll probably just send in organisation chief and former of venture capitalist, Dr Larry Marshall, whose weasel words on 7.30 were a masterpiece of incomprehensibility

Larry Marshall.jpg

As well as a PhD in Physics, Larry Marshall is a graduate of the Malcolm Turnbull School of Oratory

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