Cloak of secrecy over Manus Island and Nauru

The problem with the Government’s refusal to make public what is happening on Manus Island and Nauru while at the same time threatening anyone who acts as a whistleblower with imprisonment, is that nobody has any way of finding out the truth.

So that means this kind of thing can happen:

The ABC reports that The country’s highest immigration official has contested allegations a five-year-old was raped on Nauru and lashed out at media reporting on the issue.

Department of Immigration and Border Protection secretary Michael Pezzullo said media reports on the issue had been deeply misleading.

“It’s getting to the point that there is advocacy parading as journalism that is actually deleterious to a sensible discussion about these matters,” Pezzullo said.

Domino man.jpeg

Department of Immigration and Border Protection secretary Michael Pezzullo  (Pictured) was probably not particularly well known up until yesterday. Now he’s achieved national, if not international fame, for his attitude towards asylum seekers. Well done, Michael.

  These are weasel words. Suddenly journalism is a higher calling than advocacy when it comes to asylum seekers.  So who is conducting the “sensible discussion” Michael? Certainly not Bill Shorten or Malcolm Turnbull.  Or you.

Most people would think they need all the help they can get in defending their rights.

Opposition leader Bill Shorten again demonstrated his lack of fitness for national leadership when he said: “I believe that regional processing provides the best long-term sustainable solution,” he said.

“But Malcolm Turnbull, if he doesn’t want to resettle people here, he needs to do something about what’s happening in Manus and Nauru.”

But actions speak louder than words

Federal Labor senators joined forces with Coalition politicians last week to vote down a Greens motion to grant amnesty to the asylum seekers in Australia.

Bill Shorten doesn’t seem to realise that if you support regional processing, you support what’s going on on Manus Island and Nauru.


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