Will this never end?

The Age reports that A Catholic priest stood down amid child sexual abuse allegations has moved to Malaysia, where he is using a gay dating website to seek the company of “young Asian men” while on paid leave.

Father Peter Grasby, who is suspected of abusing boys from at least two Melbourne parishes during almost 40 years as a priest, also propositioned a former parishioner on a gay dating website, it can be revealed.

Domino man.jpeg



Stood down amid child sexual abuse allegations, Father Peter Grasby has moved to Malaysia.

The Catholic Church can say what it likes about its efforts through the Melbourne Response but while George Pell remains in Rome because he lacks the ticker to come to Melbourne and the Catholic Church continues to support people like Father Peter Grasby, it all amounts to nothing.

Grasby is obviously completely unrepentant and unreformed. He is possibly still a practising paedophile. And the  Catholic Church is doing nothing about it.

How symbolic.

 How many other Peter Grasbys  are still hidden under a rock somewhere?

It’s a pity that the Royal Commission doesn’t have the powers of extradition.  It wouldn’t work with George Pell because the Vatican doesn’t have extradition treaties with anyone. Very farsighted these guys!

 But at least could get Grasby back to Australia and put him in jail.

 The victims of these scumbags must despair of ever getting justice.

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