Politics: Tim Wilson rolls the dice

SMH National Political Corresponden, Adam Gartrell, reports that National Political Correspondent Tim Wilson is giving up his $400,000 Human Rights Commission job after officially launching his bid to enter Parliament by the seat of Goldstein.

Domino man

But he has a fight on his hands to become the candidate. Georgina Downer – the daughter of former foreign minister Alexander Downer – is also considered a frontrunner for the spot and has the support of Mr Robb.

Domino man.jpeg

Wilson must be supremely confident. It’s a huge gamble to give up the job many people would think he was lucky to be holding to risk it on beating one of the scions of Liberal party political nobility, the Downer clan.

Consider Georgina Downer’s political lineage: Great grandfather John Downer,  Premier of South Australia, 1885- 1887 and  1892-1893,  grandfather The Hon Sir Alexander Downer, Sr.,  Minister for Immigration from 1958 to 1963, then Australian High Commissioner in London, 1963-  1972 and finally, father Alexander Downer,  Foreign Minister of Australia 1996 to  2007, Federal parliamentary leader of the Liberal Party from 1994-1995  and now Australian High Commissioner in London.

Tim Wilson must be well connected politically. Many people would Be justified in seeing his appointment as Human Rights Commissioner as an exercise of political patronage almost equal to the appointment of Alexander Downer as Australian High Commissioner in London.

Nonetheless, you’d have to say he’s putting his money where his mouth is.


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