Letter to my grandson (viii)

Sometimes I come across photographs that link the generations together. Here are some of them.

This first one is your great, great, grandmother, Cathleen O’Neil with her father, Timothy O’Neil who was your great, great, great, grandfather. It was taken in 1924 on the family farm that was just outside Halcolmbe, a small town just outside Fielding in the North Island of New Zealand.

Mum and her dad 1924

This is one of you and your dad taken in the park in 2015. I’m not certain that I can see any family resemblances yet.

W and Simon in park like GGGM

This is another photograph of your great-grandmother Kay  with her mother Edith taken about the same time as the one with her father.

Mum and edith

This is one of you and Nana Di  taken in a coffee shop across from Highett Street in 2014

Coffee with ND 3.jpg

These are shots of you enjoying water play in 2015 at Mary St

Domino man.jpeg

Domino man

And this is me in the backyard at Clifton Tce in Wellington when I was about your age


The little girl in the right-hand picture below is Janice, my first-ever girlfriend. She lived across the street.  I’m washing her hair and I remember her mother being distinctly unimpressed because I washed it with bath soap, something which I found completely incomprehensible at the time. Nonetheless, I was banned from future hair washing activities.

Domino man.jpeg

This is a picture of you with Millie. You can tell me later if she was your first girlfriend but I know that she is pretty keen to come round and play next Tuesday.  Mind you, it might be the grapes that you are sharing with her.


And this is Janice and me, again in the backyard at Clifton Tce

Tim and Janice.jpeg

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