George Pell: the conspiracy theory

This is just a theory: snatching straws in the wind.

Recently, there have been suggestions that George Pell may have been involved in the sexual abuse of children. This is mainly based on the claims of historic sexual abuse that were made against him in 2002.

Reports at the time said an investigation by retired Victorian Supreme Court judge Alec Southwell found the accusation could not be established.

The closed-door inquiry – organised via the National Committee for Professional Standards, which also oversees the abuse complaints processes for the Catholic Church, Towards Healing – concluded that both the complainant and the Cardinal were honest witnesses.
But what if it is true? And new witnesses have come forward to the Victorian police who may now be conducting a very secret investigation into the Cardinal.  Someone has leaked the information about the enquiry to the media and it may be fair to assume that someone will have leaked the same information to Cardinal Pell.

If the allegations are proven, or the police have sufficient evidence, then it is possible that Cardinal Pell could be arrested on his return to Australia.

Now that would be enough to give you heart problems.

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