Have a go, Tony!

It’s time for Tony Abbott to pull the boots on again. He is going into the final term, te only a couple of goals down and he’s got the wind behind him.

The opposition is looking a bit ragged. The new skipper is faltering. He’s dropped a few sitters in the third quarter and is kicking out of bounds most of the time.


“Will no one rid me of this turbulent priest!”

 When he lost the leadership Abbott promised there would be “No leaking, no backgrounding, no undermining.” That was clearly a non-core promise as the leaking of the Defence White Paper and his criticism of Coalition tax policy shows.


Having the ex-leader standing on the sidelines undermining the work of the Prime Minister was “the Labor way.” The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Abbott believes that he could have won the next federal election had he remained as the leader. This is despite the fact that this party was trailing by close to 8% in the polls and he was probably one of the most unpopular Prime Ministers Australia has ever had.

So it’s time for Tony Abbott to put his money where his mouth is, marshall the troops,  count the numbers, mount a challenge.



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