Still oblivious to public opinion

The Age reports that: Taxpayers have footed the bill for family members of two Coalition MPs to fly to one of Australia’s farthest-flung territories, the idyllic Cocos Islands in the Indian Ocean, for a weekend stay.


 Luke Simpkins: keeping his name in the papers for all the wrong reasons

The $10,000-plus bill to fly the wife and two daughters of Western Australian Liberal Luke Simpkins and the husband of Northern Territory Country Liberal Natasha Griggs to and from the tropical islands is the equivalent of a business-class round trip ticket to Honolulu for each of the four family members.

This is the same Luke Simpkins said “I have never met anyone that displays an extreme or irrational fear of homosexuality.(his definition of homophobia).” Doesn’t he attend party meetings?

Of course, nothing can be done about this. It’s all part of the “entitlements”.   And it’s too much to ask that our Prime Minister would say to people like Luke Simpkins, “Look mate, the public has really pissed off with MPs using taxpayers money  for luxury holidays. If you want to go to the Cocos Islands, pay for it out of your own pocket.”

Nonetheless, this  little escapade pales into insignificance against the entitlement of ex-treasurer Joe Hockey to become Australia’s US ambassador.

Perhaps we should see this as a reward for Hockey’s achievements.

So here’s a little challenge: try to list one of Hockey’s achievements. Don’t list the positions he’s held, try to think of what he actually did that would have “entitled” him to a parliamentary pension, an ambassadorial salary and the living away from home allowance for him and his family.


The well-rewarded, some would say generously, Joe Hockey

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