Sam Dastyari: Not Mr Bean just Mr Crazy

SMH reports that Labor senator Sam Dastyari has branded the Greens a “cancer” on progressive politics, accusing leader Richard Di Natale of sacrificing his principles for power and hopping into bed with the far right.
In a sign the relationship between the former political allies has reached a new nadir, Senator Dastyari has launched a blistering attack on Senator Di Natale for cosying up to the Coalition and supporting Senate reform.

 The good senator has been likened to Mr Bean  in some insult trading with Eric Abetz

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Now I admit that such name-calling is not a good way to examine public policy but he really is too good an opportunity to miss Mr Bean look-a-like sighted in Senate.  I also think he is one of the better performers in the current Labor Party.

But then we get the little burst of reality  to balance Senator Dastyari’s little outburst when The Age reports:

At 53 per cent after preferences – as allocated by voters at the last election – support for the Turnbull government is now hovering around the same level achieved by Tony Abbott at the September 2013 election, where he secured 53.5 per cent, compared with Labor on 46.5 and that underlying this is a disastrously low primary support at less than a third of voters on 31 per cent. 

What’s going on? Was he just having a bad hair day when he lashed out at the Greens and their leader Senator Richard Di Natale?


They’re pretty common in the Senate amongst those who have got it.

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Now where does Sam think that the Labour Party gets the support that gets it back to be within striking distance of the Coalition with 47% of the two-party preferred vote.

It’s from the Greens 14% of the primary vote and their preferences.

If the Greens did form some form of working alliance with Coalition, then that would be close to 67% of the first preference vote in the House of Reps as well as a possible working majority in the Senate which would damn the Labor Party to irrelevance from here to eternity.

Someone needs to explain to Sam Dastyari  that support for the Greens come from people, like me, who always voted for Labor and now don’t and that the only chance that Labor has of being elected will be on Green preferences, so he should button his lip.




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