Support for the Greens slides dramatically

Support for the Greeens at the Haslett residence in Richmond (at the centre of what Senator Sam Dastyari would call a growing cancer of support) has declined by 50% in recent weeks. If this trend is continued nationwide it will destroyed the Greens electoral support.


This has been brought about by the fervent desire by one member of the electorate not to see Malcolm Turnbull re-elected, recognition that, badly maybe, Bill Shorten is a better alternative and the conviction that Richard Di Natale does not ( and possibly will never) constitute a viable option.

The other 50% is considering options based on the Greens support for electoral reform which only addresses a superficial problem rather than a fundamental one and is clearly based on the hope of short-term political gain.

If this trend continues, Adam Bandt will not be re-elected to Parliament.

untitled 2.jpeg

This will be a pity, particularly if his failure to be re-elected is not matched by a gain of at least one seat in the Senate.  If the Greens are to become a serious political party, then they are going to need to win seats in the lower house. It is likely that many people who vote for them do so on the basis that their Senate numbers provide a useful brake on the government of the day. It is also likely that this group of people may see the current cross bench doing a more effective job of this than the Greens and there may be significant movement in voting patterns in the upper house.

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