Coalition’s rabid right kicks the umpire (but no goals)

The review of the controversial Safe Schools program recommends several changes but does not call for the program to be scrapped or defunded, MPs have told Fairfax Media.

Conservative opponents of Safe Schools have quickly gone on the attack, branding the review by University of Western Australia Emeritus Professor Bill Louden as a “joke”, a “stitch up” and a “fraud”.

Unfortunately, the report does not mention who the offended MPs are, although it does mention the presence of Eric Abetz, George Christensen and Cory Bernardi at University of Western Australia Emeritus Professor Bill Louden’s briefing on his report.

untitled 2

 There are a lot of good reasons for electoral reform. 

The cynic may possibly think that, had the review condemned the Safe Schools program, these critics would have been crowing that their objections had been justified.

One suspects that it’s the same group that is putting pressure on Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to  continue with Tony Abbott’s idea to have a plebiscite on same-sex marriage. What’s the betting that the result will be the same as this and the objections will be identical.

If Malcolm Turnbull were to be re-elected and cannot get the rabid right of the Liberal party under control, we will have another three years of this kind of nonsense.

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