Christopher Pyne stands up for the Safe School program

Congratulations to Christopher Pyne.


Asked on Thursday if there should be a parliamentary inquiry into Safe Schools, Mr Pyne said: “Absolutely not.” The program should not be scrapped, he said, because he would want it to be available if his own children were bullied.

“I was minister for education so I am familiar with the Safe Schools Coalition. I took the view that the materials in it weren’t directed at me, they were directed at a younger audience and that bullying in schools was unacceptable,” Mr Pyne said.

“I took the view I shouldn’t bring my 48-year-old attitude to these materials because I have children of my own and if they were being bullied I would want them to have the support they need.”

Queensland MP George Christensen has a petition for a full Parliamentary enquiry, given that he didn’t get the result you wanted from the review by University of Western Australia Emeritus Professor Bill Louden. But he’s lost it. Probably sometime between lunchtime and dinnertime, so it’s a pretty narrow window.

Given Christopher Pyne’s support for the program, its probably time to we heard from the Prime Minister.

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