Right wing press swings in behind Turnbull

If you had need to know who will be making the running for Malcolm Turnbull in his bid for re-election through a double dissolution, consider this strange coincidence.

The Age reports that: The Prime Minister has hailed the passage of electoral voting reforms on Friday as “a great day for democracy” – clearing another major obstacle to a possible July 2 federal election.

The odds to an early poll shortened dramatically with the passage of the Senate changes, although the process is complex and far from assured as Malcolm Turnbull considers the party’s latest polling.

untitled 2.jpeg

Photo: Andrew Meares

 And then on the same day, lo and behold:

The Australian revealed yesterday that the Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union and its state branches and officials have paid $6.95m in court-­ordered penalties after action by successive building industry watch­dogs since the Howard government’s Building Industry Taskforce in 2002, set up after the Cole royal commission.

Clearly, Turnbull is going to use union corruption and the refusal of the Senate to pass Legislation to re-establish the Australian Building and Construction Commission. The Royal Commission into trade unions exposed some pretty dubious practices in the building industry.

But we need  answer a couple of questions.

  1. Is corruption in the building industry in the building industry limited to the unions? And if it isn’t, why was in no investigation into corruption into the companies who engage and collude with building industry unions?
  2. Does corruption in the building industry have a greater impact on average Australians than corruption in the health insurance industry?

So we can probably expect a Tony Abbott style union bashing election where union corruption will be seen as the major political issue facing Australians. Not the “debt and deficit crisis”, not climate change and not the steps that the government should take to ensure the transition of the Australian economy.





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