Letter to my grandson (xi)

I had a wonderful experience with you at swimming lessons last weekend. I’m a regular member of the backup team and cheer squad at swimming lessons and after the lesson your dad, you and I have a swim together followed by a shower and a chocolate bar. You’re getting to be pretty keen on chocolate.

Chocolate 2..jpg

Easter chocolate.jpg

This Sunday, you noticed a water bubbler where people were having a drink and, naturally, you wanted a turn. The bubbler have a small bowl and spout with a handle that controlled the flow of water.

I picked you up and held you over the spout and turned on the water flow. You being you, this lasted about 10 seconds and you pushed my hand off the handle and took over yourself. You didn’t understand the relationship between the flow of water and the pressure on the handle so you got a face full of water and came up looking rather surprised but also delighted. You did it again and shrieked with laughter. But you very quickly worked out how much pressure to exert on the handle so that you got exactly the right level of water flow so that you could drink it. Drinks were followed by faces full of water and shrieks of laughter.

But then you did something that surprised and delighted me. You reached up with your left hand and put it on the back of my head and pushed my head down so that I could drink some water too. When my head was in position, you pressed to handle just hard enough for me to drink and not get splashed.

Nana Di often remarks that you have a talent for relating to adults and recently Koula, who works at the pharmacy and whose heart you have of obviously stolen, said you were the most beautiful child in Richmond. And who am I to disagree.

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