Do not download Mackeeper

When you are looking for software to clean up the junk files on your Mac, you will come across Mackeeper, a free download. When you download it, it only does half the job and sends you to a webpage that will complete the job for a fee. If you decide to pay the fee, the software does not download. Instead you’re asked to call a free call number. When you do that, the almost incomprehensible young woman with an American/Asian accent tells you that they are unable to download the software. You are then directed to the wrong website and, strange to say, the problems on your Mac are far too great for them to solve unless you pay a subscription, around AU$500 to download the rest of the software.

This is a scam.

If you are in doubt, Google Mackeeper reviews. They are unrelentingly negative.

Here is just one example:

MacKeeper has been described by various sources as highly invasive malware* that can de-stablize your operating system, adding that it is unethically marketed, with a history of making false advertising claims, by a company called Zeobit, and a rip-off.

In an earlier incarnation when I first used it, Mackeeper was easy to download and operate. I ditched it because I was advised that it took up too much background memory. Unbeknownst to me and since then, the company has been taken over by a group that is using it as a sophisticated scam. The problem is that originally, the software was an efficient way of cleaning up your Mac but now it is bound up in an unethical scam that uses deceptive marketing to promote the product.

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