Rising sea levels could swamp that Malcolm Turnbull’s boat jetty

This week has seen bad news on climate change  from opposite ends of world

Unexpectedly Widespread Permafrost Melting Could Set Off A Greenhouse Gas Timebomb

Climate Model Predicts West Antarctic Ice Sheet Could Melt Rapidly

The melting of the permafrost means the rate of change  in global temperatures will accelerate and the planet will become warmer faster than we expect. These increasing temperatures will accelerate the melting of the ice sheet in the Antarctic.

The rate of change will become exponential and the difficult aspect of exponential rates but of change is that we really don’t know how bad it’s going to be until it has got really bad.

We will be seeing rises in sea levels that will inundate many cities that our currently above sea level. For cities like Jakarta which regularly floods during the monsoon and during high tides, it will become even worse and large parts of the city will become uninhabitable. The city that probably numbers more than 20 million (no one really  knows how many people live in Jakarta because nobody has ever counted) this will be a huge humanitarian disaster with millions of people displaced.

Meanwhile, in Australia, our Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is preoccupied with shifting 2% of income tax collections from the federal government to the state governments. A marvellous exercise in irrelevance.


 Rising sea levels could swamp that Malcolm Turnbull’s boat jetty

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