A Royal Commission into Unaoil bribery scandal: don’t hold your breath

Who was Michaelia Cash talking about when she said “Look in the mirror, look at this type of behaviour. If it was undertaken in any other workplace in Australia, quite frankly, criminal charges would be brought against you in breach of ….. legislation.”


If you thought she was talking about the Australian companies allegedly complicit in the bribery scandal surrounding Unaoil, you would be wrong. She was, of course, talking about her favourite boogie man the CFMEU.

We have seen and heard enough of the federal government’s rhetoric around the Royal Commission into trade union to recognise what has been widely condemned as an ideologically attempt to use the processes of law for fundamentally political reasons.

But what does Malcolm Turnbull do in the face of the emerging news of bribery on a  breathtaking scale that appears to have involved a number of major Australian companies.  He blancmanges* the issue With the statement about his confidence in Australia’s legal processes.

If the Turnbull government is re-elected, we can expect more blancmanging from a man of big ideas and absolutely no action.


Malcolm Turnbull in decisive mode.

*For those of you unfamiliar with the use of the word blancmange as a transitive verb, it is similar to fudge, only wobblier.

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