Tony Abbott on Pollie Pedal: Out of town and out of touch

Tony Abbott is on his annual odyssey, the Pollie Pedal. Never one to miss an opportunity of getting into the media limelight, the ex-PM is visiting small country towns and primary schools giving away copies of this book Battlelines.  Now isn’t that just what every primary school library needs: a copy of Tony Abbott’s Battlelines!

untitled 12.jpeg

I remember seeing ex-Treasurer Jim Cairns sitting, a lonely and forlorn figure, at the Victoria Market giving away copies of his books in the late 1970s. By this stage of his  career, Cairns had become a political irrelevance, his political support eroded and his career ruined by his affair with Junie Morosi  (Cairns appointed her as his personal secretary) and his involvement in the  Khemlani loans affair.

And now we have this sad picture of Tony Abbott having a beer with mates.

untitled 12.jpeg




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