Looks like a rort, sounds like a rort, smells like a rort: it’s probably a rort.

Politicians are entitled to claim $273 a night when they travel to Canberra for Parliament or other business and many keep second residences in close proximity to Parliament House.

Representatives for ministers including Finance Minister Mathias Cormann, Social Services Minister Christian Porter, Indigenous Affairs Minister Nigel Scullion and Assistant Defence Minister Michael McCormack confirmed they stay in houses or apartments they own and claim the travel allowance when in Canberra, which can work out at a minimum of $1000 a week or $18,000 a year (minimum).


My memory may not be serving me well  but wasn’t Mathias Cormann’s wife Hayley Ross Double dipping on paid parental leave?

Oh yes, Senator Cormann confirmed his own family had double-dipped, or rather, “worked within a system that was available at the time like any other family”, as he put it.

Liberal Democrat senator David Leyonhjelm, a critic of excessive government expenditure, also has a home in Canberra. The office of Senator  Leyonhjelm confirmed the senator claims travel allowance when he is in Canberra.

Remember this guy and the “end of the age of entitlement”?


Joe Hockey owns a three bedroom home in the swanky inner-city suburb of Forrest.

When the property sells the Hockeys will reap the benefit of a house that has significantly increased in value and which was paid for, at least in part, by the taxpayer, courtesy of the Canberra travel allowance.

Mr Hockey and his wife bought the property for $320,000 in 1997 and it is expected to sell for well over $1 million when it goes to auction on Saturday.

aAnd politicians wonder why the electorate is becoming disillusioned



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