Some people never (can’t) learn

Barnaby Joyce charters two $4000 helicopter rides to visit a village near his electorate office

“Without access to the flight Mr Joyce would not have been able to launch the Telstra Drake Mobile phone tower, which the federal government funded,” the spokesman said, noting the timing of the event had been determined by Telstra.


Voters in the electorate of New England have a very sharply defined choice.  Maybe Barnaby’s cavalier approach to spending public money may have an electoral backlash.

Of course the argument is that he is “entitled to” this form of travel. But the Australian public is start to get sick and tired of politicians racking up big travel bills. Surely, the scandal erupted over from Bishop would have sent Barnaby Joyce some kind of warning.

Not our Barnaby. Days Deputy Prime Minister the rules don’t apply to him.

And why was Barnaby flying round in a helicopter? He went to Drake to launch a mobile phone tower. For heaven’s sake, why do we need the Deputy Prime Minister to do that?

It’s almost as bad as flying to Drake (on another mission) to find out why the pub was closing.

The answer is simple. Because he’s on the campaign trail. He wants to be associated with and take the credit for the tower to help him get re-elected. And he clearly thinks that the Australian public should pay for this particular kind of exercise.

 He is a repeat offender. Here is a list of Barnaby’s flights

Armidale-Drake, 238km each way, $3836, March 24, 2016

Armidale -Legume, 283km each way, $4737, February 13, 2015

Armidale-Jubullum-Drake, 238km each way, $4166, June 10, 2015

Armidale-Copeton Dam, 121km each way, $2211, February 21, 2014

Now lets assume that each trip takes around two hours return.  That means that Barnaby thinks that $2000 an hour is a fair price for his time.

I’d like to see that one subjected to the pub test in the Lunatic Hotel where According to reports in the local newspaper, he “dropped in” last year to check on reports publicans Bob and Desley Kane were set to shut the doors of the Lunatic for good.



This kind of expenditure comes on top of the news reports today that the number of politicians, on both sides of the house, are using their travel allowances to pay off mortgages on houses they own in Canberra.  These politicians claim the living away from home allowance of $230 a night and stay in their own home.  Surely the principal should be a few not incurring that kind of expense your not entitled to claim it. And if you want to claim that you’re paying rent to your spouse, then your spouse should be declaring it as income.

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