The age of entitlement is not over (for some)

Joe Hockey’s Canberra house sold for more than $1.5 million on Saturday.


 Joe Hockey’s  2014 slugged the poor, the unemployed, the pensioners and young families while he and his colleagues were pocketing more money in living away from home allowances than many wage earners received in total salary.

Mr Hockey and his wife, Melissa Babbage, bought the house back in 1997 for just $320,000, according to Allhomes data.

It would be good if Joe were able to reassure the Australian taxpayers that the $1.2 million capital gain on the Canberra house was not funded in any way by his living-away-from-home allowance of $273 per night nor was it funded by the living-away-from-home-allowances of his mates who were living with him in the so-called “frat house”.

And if this were the case, that if he were paying rent to a third party and his mates were paying rent to that same party, whether this rent was declared as taxable income.

Oh no of course not. The place would have been negatively geared.

Joe and his family are now living rent-free in rather comfortable digs in Washington.

untitled 12.jpeg

Joe was rewarded with the US Ambassador ship for going quietly when he was dumped as Treasurer by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.  Joe has done pretty well out of this career as a parliamentarian.

So here’s a question: Can you remember any singular achievement or contribution to public life that Joe hockey made in his time in Parliament, beyond simply being there?

This space at the bottom of this blog for you to leave your response.

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