Australia’s failure in accepting Syrian refugees

Last year, Australia announced that it would accept an extra 12,000 refugees from Syria.

At last count, Australia had accepted 26.

In the same period, Canada had accepted 26,000.

You can just picture the Minister for immigration, Peter Dutton, saying “I make no apologies for keeping Australia safe by making the acceptance process very rigourous.”

By this kind of reasoning, Canada must be in dire peril.

The Greens are keeping this issue alive and will take a policy for increasing refugee intake into the next federal election.

The Age reports that: Australia’s refugee intake would increase to 50,000 a year, including 10,000 via a new “skilled refugee” category, under a policy to be announced by the Greens.

It would also shut down the offshore detention centres on Manus Island and Nauru, saving an estimated $2.9 billion over four years, most of which would be re-invested into “a fairer system that helps more people”.

The Greens would also push for a royal commission on children in detention, abolish the Australian Border Force and restore the former role of the Immigration Department, and abolish temporary protection visas.

Australia’s performance in accepting refugees is a scandalous disgrace and the performance of the Department of Immigration should be a matter for public and continuing condemnation.


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