Doubts on Govt Dental Care funding

In what appeared to be a smart move before an election, the Turnbull government promised

Every Australian child – and millions of low-income adults – will be eligible for subsidised dental care under an ambitious new Turnbull government plan.

Health Minister Sussan Ley has announced $5 billion in frontline dental health funding over the next four years, including $2.1 billion for what’s being called the Child and Adult Public Dental Scheme, or caPDS.


Health Minister Susan Ley: A great ad for good dental care

But then it all went rather pear-shaped

Dentists have slammed the Turnbull government’s new dental scheme, describing it as a “smoke and mirrors” plan that will cut $200 million a year from the system and put further pressure on public waiting lists.

Australian Dental Association President Rick Olive said in a statement  “Let’s see this for what it is. This is a budget saving resulting in a reduction of about $200 million per annum for dental care,”

ADA President Dr Olive said the government was effectively reducing its funding allocation from $615 million a year under the current scheme to a new scheme that will provide $425 million a year.


ADA President Dr Olive

So is this announcement step forward for dental care for Australians or is it just a cynical move to make a budget cut look like a benefit?

The campaign leading up to the next federal election, whenever it may be held, will give the Australian people are chance to see Malcolm Turnbull’s  true political colours. To date, his vacillation of the policy’s taxation, same-sex marriage and constitutional recognition for native Australians does not auger well.

If re-elected, the best we can hope from a Turnbull Government is a muddle through approach to national policy issues combined with a little bit of political skulduggery.




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