Pell evidence rejected by staff: no comment required

The Age reports that

 Pell ‘repeatedly told’ about abuse: staff

Child sexual abuse Officials reject cardinal’s lie claim.

Senior Catholic education officials have spoken of their shock and anger at Cardinal George Pell’s evidence to a royal commission that staff had covered up complaints about a paedophile priest.

When asked by counsel assisting Gail Furness to respond to Cardinal Pell’s claim that the Catholic Education Office failed to properly inform him about Father Searson, Mr Annett replied: ‘‘I admit some shock that [Cardinal Pell] referred to inaction on the part of that Catholic Education Office. I was disappointed and perhaps angry

Monsignor Thomas Doyle, former executive director of the Catholic Education Office, told the commission Cardinal Pell’s evidence that he was deceived by education office staff was wrong. ‘‘I thought he was quite wrong and I think I was very disappointed that he said those things about the Catholic Education Office because I don’t think they were true,’’ he said.

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