Farmer Turnbull’s barnyard animals: Bronnie the cantankerous goose

One of the many animals that Farmer Turnbull inherited, rather unhappily, from Farmer Abbott when he took over the farm, was Bronnie the cantankerous goose. She had been around for as long as anybody could remember and it was becoming increasingly difficult to find anything useful for her to do after she had spent the morning preening her feathers.

Farmer Abbott had decided to make her Head Prefect, in charge of keeping order in the barnyard. This gave her license to give unruly barnyard members are good picking, something that she was extremely adept at doing. Unfortunately, over the years Bronnie had become rather more interested in shopping trips rather than making a contribution barnyard life. Some of her expeditions had raised eyebrows but there was a general feeling that if she was off shopping then she wasn’t around pecking everybody.

But her spending habits became more and more bizarre and when it was realised that she was spending a fortune on pate de foie gras, the goose was pretty well cooked. Trying not to demonstrate excessive alacrity, Farmer Turnbull moved to relegate Bronnie down the pecking order.

Every three years, there was a minor shakeup of barnyard membership and barnyard members were given the opportunity to vote people off the farm if necessary. It was rare for barnyard members to be given the shove but, despite strong support amongst the golden goose set, Bronnie was ignominiously given the DCM.*

* Don’t Come Monday

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