Peter Dutton wrong on all counts

The Age reports that Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has blamed refugee advocates, rather than his government’s policies, for a spate of horrifying self-harm attempts at Nauru that included a young Somali woman who set herself alight on Monday.


Someone else’s fault. Dutton points the finger

“These behaviours have intensified in recent times and as we see, they have turned to extreme acts with terrible consequences,” Mr Dutton said. “Advocates who proclaim to represent and support the interests of refugees and asylum seekers must frankly hear a clear message … their activities and these behaviours must end.”

So let’s just check the logic of this. The people most active in speaking up for a group of people who have no voice in Australian politics by advocating that the detention of refugees is a national disgrace and should be ended. This is done in the hope of having them brought to Australia. In doing this these advocates are responsible for the death of one detainee and the terrible burning of another.

The very act of holding out hope to the these people has them commit suicide in one instance and attempt it, in another.

Michael Gordon, writes “Those willing to take their own lives in such horrible circumstances are not, as the Nauru government asserts, attempting “to influence the Australian government’s immigration policies”.  Nor are they responding to advocates who have given them “false hope”, as Dutton asserts. They have simply given up.”

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