Letter to my Grandson (xv)

You fell asleep while you are out with your mum.


You were due come round and play but now you are fast asleep on the big bed. You take your sleeping very seriously when you’re around here, something that doesn’t always happen at home. You wake up very slowly and it is a beautiful time for both Nana and Papa because you are wonderfully cuddly in your half-awake state.  We need to make the most of time, as  cuddles do not normally fit into your full speed ahead, run everywhere timetable.

You are growing up before our eyes and it seems to my grandfatherly eyes that every day you master some surprising new skill.  I know that it is just another part of any small child growing up, but I’m amazed by the way you can separate the pie pastry from the meat or  copy Nana Di dancing to “Teddy bears love to tango.”

I think you will grow up to be the coolest kid in Richmond.

Mr Smooth 2

I also see you growing increasingly confident and secure in your world and in your place in it.

Grown-up Richmond Café boy.jpg

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