Bill Shorten cannot see the writing on the wall

Bill Shorten and the Labor Party are dismissing, out of hand, any suggestion of a coalition with the Greens.

With the party’s first preference vote hovering around 30%, Labor will always require the preference support of the Greens. With the growing support for the Greens in inner-city Melbourne and Sydney, a prudent politician would move to avoid three-way contests particularly as it now appears a distinct possibility that Anthony Albanese, surely one of labour’s better performers, is in danger of losing his seat to the Greens.


Albanese is not impressed that the greens are running against him in Grayndler

And this is the real problem for Labor. Any improvement in the Green vote is most likely to be at the expense of Labor. So might be fun to start thinking about some realistic and pragmatic discussions between the two parties.

If Australia is heading towards a hung parliament in the lower house as some commentators are predicting, whichever party forms government will need to negotiate with the cross bench and in particular with the Greens. Despite the reforms to Senate voting, it is highly likely that there will be enough minor party and independent candidates elected to deny both the major parties a majority in the upper house.

This means that Australian politics will be heading towards a situation where dogmatic policies that are announced before an election may not miss to pass legislation but may be subject to a lot of horse trading and compromise.

Whatever you might think of Julia Gillard, she was good at horse trading and compromise.

And this may be the new game in Canberra after 2 July 2016.

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