King’s School gets rugby training wrong. All Black training does not involve sheep

One of the nation’s oldest and most prestigious private schools is being investigated for animal cruelty after the ABC obtained videos of members of the school’s top rugby teams crash-tackling sheep in a farm paddock.

Click view the video.  It’s a pretty sickening sight.

The incident took place at a King’s old boy’s sheep farm in Orange. It has been condemned by farming and veterinary groups, but the school headmaster, Dr Tim Hawkes, has defended the incident, saying it was a rugby camp training exercise not dissimilar to shearing.

In one part of the video, one of the team players is seen holding one of the rams against a fence to keep from being involved in the brutality. One can only wonder how his actions will affect his selection chances.

The activity has attracted almost universal condemnation.

  • The NSW Farmer’s Association has also condemned the incident as dangerous and “plain stupid”.
  •  The Sheepmeat Council of Australia (SCA) said it was very disappointed by the footage, which clearly demonstrated inappropriate and irresponsible handling of sheep.
  • RSPCA chief executive Steve Coleman told the ABC the footage was horrific and disgraceful.

Steve Coleman also made a rather more thoughtful point that there is a small step from brutality towards animals to brutality towards other human beings. One wonders whether King’s will now use slow fat kids for tackling practice for the 1st XV.




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