Is The Age giving Malcolm Turnbull a fair shake of the sauce bottle?

Three headings in The Age this Sunday about Labor and Bill Shorten:

  • Election 2016: Bill Shorten’s $1b promise to keep medicine costs down.
  • ALP pledges to reverse foreign aid cuts.
  • Labor pledges gay rights watchdog.


 Bill Shorten pledging and promising

And this for Turnbull:

  • Turnbull clocks up 12,000km in vote chase.


 Malcolm Turnbull looking tired after 12,000 km on public transport

The heading for the Letters section read:

  • Turnbull casts aside dignified leadership.

Now it may be that Turnbull did nothing more interesting than travelling 12,000 km and made no significant policy announcements. But if he did, readers of The Age would be none the wiser.

This tends to highlight how reliant we are on the media to report the activities of politicians.  But it’s also not difficult to mount a case that this reporting is slanted. While Malcolm Turnbull is chasing votes, Bill Shorten is pledging and promising.

But it could also be argued that this is nothing compared to the egregious behaviour the Herald/Sun.


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