The voice of dangerous bigotry

The Australian Christian Lobby has compared same-sex marriage and the Safe Schools program to the Holocaust, dubbing them all “unthinkable things” that happened because societies lacked strong moral guardians. Whatever the case, we have much to learn from the dead

In a blog post, ACL director Lyle Shelton invoked the rise of Nazi Germany before arguing that Labor leader Bill Shorten’s support for Safe Schools reflected “a failure of those of us who know better”.

Speaking to Fairfax Media, Mr Shelton defended his communique and said he was not putting the Safe Schools program on the same level as the Holocaust, in which more than six million Jews, homosexuals and other minorities were murdered.
“Safe Schools is not like that, but it’s a terrible ideology nonetheless. Different consequences, but it’s a terrible ideology,” he said. “This is not comparing anyone to Nazis. I’m saying that bad things happen when people are fearful of speaking up.”

Well ,the good thing is that Shelton is not comparing the Safe Schools program or gay marriage to the Holocaust.  But he’s pretty close to it.  Even if you accept that he has not made this direct comparison, what he is saying is that supporting programs like Safe School or gay marriage will produce events like the Holocaust.

It’s a pretty fine distinction.

The marked difference between Lyle Shelton and the people who support the Safe Schools or gay marriage is that these people do not vilify and attack people’s views disagree with theirs. In fact, the Safe Schools program is arguing for greater tolerance, inclusion and understanding while Lyle Shelton argues for greater intolerance exclusion and bigotry.

The man is entitled to his point of view and he is entitled to express it.

It’s a pity that The Age chooses to print his views.



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