How bad does need to be before you won’t take their money, Malcolm?

Malcolm Turnbull says he has “no criticisms or complaints” to make of the controversial Exclusive Brethren and is happy for the extremist Christian sect to continue donating to the Liberal Party through the Free Enterprise Foundation, the Liberal Party’s alleged slush fund.

“I’ve got no criticisms or complaints about that organisation,” he said.


Malcolm Turnbull: Hear no evil, see no evil, wear a stripey shirt

The group’s wealthy leader, Sydney-based Bruce D. Hales, has recently addressed a sermon to a mentally tormented young member of his flock saying it would be better to “finish yourself off” with poison than communicate with members of his own family.

Fairfax Media has revealed Mr Hales ordered that some victims of child sexual abuse be paid off to keep quiet.
One of the justifications that Turnbull gave for accepting donations from this group was that the Liberal party needed to compete with Labor Party who received donations from the unions. This from a man who promised , on becoming Prime Minister,  that he wouldn’t treat the Australian people as idiots.

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