Letter to my Grandson (xx)

Dear Winton

You are continuing to grow up and getting better at everything you do. One that I noticed recently was that you’re getting very good at surprises.

We were sitting at the bench after dinner on Friday night.

You had just finished your normal six course dinner consisting mainly of variations of pie crust, salada biscuits, pieces of cheese, slices of pear, grapes and anything else that might take your fancy when Nana Di said “I think we will have a surprise.”

Now you’re not a kid who is greatly given to moments of stillness. But when Nana went outside to the fridge for a surprise, you sat with a look on your face which I could only describe as anticipation.  I think you now know that whenever Di says something like, “I have an idea.” or “Let’s have a surprise” something pretty good normally happens.

So the expression on your face was happy anticipation.  But you sat perfectly still for about four minutes. It was wonderful to watch. Then Nana Di produced little packet with a wooden handle sticking out of it.


A mini Magnum ice cream. I think this was only the second one you’ve ever had.  But when it was finally unwrapped, you were in no doubt that it was a large amount of chocolate and that could only be good. To your surprise, it had ice cream inside. But the ice cream was frozen solid and it was too cold for you to eat.

By the time you are old enough to read this, you will know that the chocolate on a Magnum comes off in thin sheets. But this was only your second experience of Magnum chocolate ice creams and you were unfamiliar with the mechanics of extracting the maximum pleasure from them.

I must admit you handled it like a veteran. You didn’t drop a single piece and by the time you had eaten all the chocolate, the ice cream had melted enough for you to eat that too. A masterclass of Magnum eating. And you only two years old. I have such high hopes for you.

After a recent visit to playgroup to pick you up on Friday afternoon, Nana Di said she thought you were the most beautiful child in the group and that she didn’t think that she was biased in any way. I told her that she certainly wasn’t and that you were probably the most beautiful child in Richmond and probably the universe. You do seem to be practising being the coolest kid in Richmond.




2 thoughts on “Letter to my Grandson (xx)

  1. I wish I didn’t come across with you. I was looking for Brigitte Bardot photos and it was on your page. I’m so jealous of your letters to your grandson. Well, envy is a better word I quess. I didn’t have the attention&love&care from my family. It is so nice to see close family ties. Wish you&family all the best.
    Love from Turkey,
    Berrin Sezer

    1. Hi Berrin
      Thanks for your comment, Berrin. I get pleasure from writing them. The interesting thing is I don’t really know how old he will be when he reads them. He may be eight or nine but he may come back to read them when he is 72 (my age) and has grand children himself.
      Best wishes

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