My favourite night of television pretty much ruined

I have a number of things I really like watching on television: the All Blacks, State of Origin,  Election Night, Clarke and Dawe. It’s not a long list.

For many years, I had been what you would call “rusted on Labor.”: party member, trade union member, president of the local branch of the trade union, letterbox stuffer, scrutineer,  how-to-vote distributor, or all that stuff.  So watching the election results on television was a highlight, a bit like the Rugby World Cup, but not as important.

No longer.

There is a wonderful picture that was published in The Age today that pretty much sums up the excitement of this election and perhaps the direction of Australian politics.


I must admit that despite my profound antipathy towards the Liberal party, I really thought that Malcolm Turnbull might prove to be the kind politician who  would provide some vision of the future and who would establish a new consensus in Australian politics that would have included respect for the environment, social equity and produced sustainable economic growth. Alas no.

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