A new government of same old same old

Malcolm Turnbull prepares to take office and all the signs are that nothing much is going to change:

Adam Gartrell writes in The Sunday Age Our pollies keep their perks in place
“How hard did federal politicians fight to keep their generous parliamentary perks?

We may never know for sure.

Somewhere in the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet is a document that sets out what more than 50 politicians told the entitlements review sparked by the Bronwyn Bishop choppergate scandal.

It’s understood most of them argued strongly to keep their perks in place – and they were largely successful. But public servants are doing everything in their power to keep details of the interviews secret.”

Here are some of the reasons that the bureaucrats are giving for not releasing the report

  • It would ‘‘substantially and unreasonably’’ divert the resources of the department.
  • It would expose the review’s ‘‘deliberative process’’ and reveal ‘‘personal information’’ about the interviewees
  • Public interest factors against access outweigh the public interest factors favouring disclosure’.


The review panel was made up by former Liberal leader Brendan Nelson, former Labor Speaker Harry Jenkins, businesswoman Linda Nicholls and public service officials David Tune and John Conde

 The recommendations of the review panel have been lost in the form of the election and may never again see the light of day.

 Perhaps of Malcolm Turnbull wants to show that he has started listening to the Australian public, he will show that he has heard that the Australian public are really thoroughly sick and tired of politicians rorting the public purse through their Parliamentary entitlements.

 It would be a small but symbolic gesture if he were to call a halt to some of the profligacy that was regularly being exposed during Tony Abbott’s watch but if that happens, the pigs be lined up on the runway, fully fuelled and ready for takeoff.

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