Flim Flam Man Rides Again

Parliament hasn’t resumed, the depleted Liberal party has not had their champagne and canapés celebration in the Lodge and already Malcolm Turnbull is backing away from the election pledges he took to the Australian people the Federal election.


 “Changes to super?” I’ll think about that.

 He’s doing this under the guise of “I’m listening”. He is listening, not to Australian people but right wing of the Liberal party to whom he will be demonstrating, with nauseating frequency, that he is deeply and humblingly  beholden.

The first back down is over curtailing the ability of the extremely wealthy to use the superannuation system as a tax minimisation scheme in a way that is not possible for people at the lower end of the income scale (read “in Labor held electorates)

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has softened his rhetoric on the government’s proposed superannuation changes, potentially laying the groundwork for a backdown to soothe ongoing anger inside the Liberal Party.

Mr Turnbull has previously pledged no changes to the “ironclad” suite of proposals on high-end superannuation savings, which conservatives inside the party have criticised as retrospective and argued were a weakness during the election campaign.

Not only is this a demonstration of the Prime Minister’s weakness in the face of the conservative right wing of the party, is also a demonstration of the way in which the gap between the rich and the poor will be slowly widened during the administration of the Turnbull government.




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