Teenage detainee Dylan Voller and Chief Minister Adam Giles are both sides of the same coin

NT Chief Minister Adam Giles defends comments about putting criminals in a hole. It was a comment he made in 2010 and he now realises it was a pretty stupid thing to say but he stands by the sentiments behind the statement. He is a  “tough on crime” politician.

And  Dylan Voller is a serial offender.  he was one of the children who was featured in the 4 Corners  program on the Don Dale detention centre. He’s been in and out of detention since he was a young boy and his list of offences would be pretty appalling.

But we have to realise that politicians like Adam Giles are a result of the existence of people like Dylan Voller.  Giles gets elected because people want to see strong action taken against people like Dylan Voller who steal their cars, assault their children and destroy their property. People think that Giles has the answers.

Dylan Voller is a product, in part, of the punitive system that “tough on crime” politicians like Adam Giles  legislate and design. The brutal treatment that Dylan Voller and many like him have received since they were young is likely to turn them into hardened, lifelong criminals.

These two men are two sides of the same coin. Neither good nor bad, just tragic.



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