If Kevin Rudd would not have made a good Secretary General, what made Joe Hockey such a great US ambassador?

When explaining his refusal to nominate ex-PM Kevin Rudd for the position of Secretary-General of United Nations, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said:

” but the threshold point here is when the Australian government nominates a person for a job . . . is do we believe the person, the nominee, the would-be nominee is well suited for that position?”


 Malcolm was not keen on Kevin, but then nobody really was

Now just recently, well actually it seems about when the animals were going into the ark and Malcolm Turnbull had replaced Tony Abbott as prime minister, Joe Hockey resigned as Treasurer and was appointed as Australian Ambassador to the US.

Now Joe was generally known as “Your average” Joe, not really very good at anything much, certainly not being Treasurer. He never had a major role in any portfolio that had a strong Foreign Affairs focus that would have prepared him for our major diplomatic appointment.


 US ambassador, ooh, that would be nice

So what was his major qualification for the appointment? Perhaps Malcolm could enlighten us.

The major arguments being mounted against Rudd’s nomination by the likes of Barnaby Joyce are that the Prime Minister was justified in rejecting nominating Kevin Rudd because his Labor Party colleagues didn’t like him.


That may well be the case. But Rudd is a well-qualified diplomat with many years experience, much more experience in diplomacy than Hockey.  And probably more experience for being Secretary General then Joyce has for being Deputy Prime Minister

The whole sorry misadventure is yet another example of Malcolm Turnbull’s almost limitless ability to stuff things up.


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