We have a Sovereign Citizen in the Senate

One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts, who received just 77 first preference votes, will take his Senate seat on August 30 and will receive a taxpayer-funded base salary of $199,040, plus staff and entitlements. So it would appear that despite Malcolm Turnbull’s bungled attempt to clean up the voting system for the Senate, we still have democratically elected people holding a disproportionate amount of power.  Ricky Muir started out as a bit of a joke but started to come good. This guy is downright dangerous and is only going to get worse.


In an affidavit he sent to Ms Gillard in 2011, Robertds demanded to be exempted from the carbon tax and compensated to the tune of $280,000 if Ms Gillard did not provide “full and accurate disclosure” in relation to 28 points explaining why he should not be liable for the tax.

Mr Roberts is “sovereign citizen” who believe the use of hyphens and colons as a way to evade governments’ use of grammar to enslave their citizens.

Anti-government, self-identified “sovereign citizens” claim to exist outside the country’s legal and taxation systems and frequently believe the government uses grammar to enslave its citizens.

NSW Police say such people “should be considered a potential terrorist threat”.

“Sovereign citizens are people that don’t buy into our legal framework, our system of government,” Detective Superintendent John O’Reilly, commander of the NSW Counter Terrorism and Special Tactics Operation Group, told the ABC last year.

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