Here come the fruit loops

Newly elected Senator Roberts is a former coal mine manager who wants climate scepticism taught in schools and says the CSIRO and United Nations’ peak climate body endorse corruption.


On Sunday, he offered Insiders host Barrie Cassidy his business card in the event that ABC staff could prove human-induced climate change was real.

“If anyone in the ABC can provide me with the empirical evidence, the measured data that shows that human production of carbon dioxide is affecting our climate and needs to be something done about it, give me a call,” he said.

You wonder if he’s been listening or reading. Or if he can do either. The evidence is in. All but the moronic now understand what’s happening.  Perhaps I should send him my blogs  Dummies guide to climate change. and Dummies’ Guide to Climate Change (ii): Deforestation and the Carbon Sink and  The need for renewable energy targets and Tornadoes in Texas and Climate change: Death by 1000 cuts.  But then reason and logic never works with people like Hanson and Roberts

He also thinks that Pauline Hanson is “highly intelligent”.


You’d also have to add that they have a great sense of colour 

Brian Burston, One Nation’s first NSW Senator, wants to ban the building of mosques, limit Muslim immigration, and says Pauline Hanson is worried a successful referendum on recognising Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders in the constitution may open the floodgates to land claims across Australia.


Yes, and quite rightly too Brian, last thing you want is people launching claims to land particular  If they may be entitled to it and there might be some chance the claims will be upheld against good God-fearing white people like you and your dog.

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