The Australian strikes another blow for bigotry in Australia

The Australian recently published a cartoon that must mark one of the lowest points of Australian publishing.

LeakThe situation was made even worse by the fact that the Editor in Chief of The Australian, Paul Whitaker, defended it in the face of almost universal condemnation.


His defence was that the cartoon highlights an important social problem.

He’s right.

It does highlight an important social problem but it does so in a way that denigrates a whole lot of people who shouldn’t be denigrated and that’s racial discrimination: the use of stereotypes to vilify social groups. And Paul Whitaker should understand this.

The cartoon was by a cartoonist called Bill Leak who is yet to make some explanation for his appalling lack of judgement.


There is no doubt that the consumption of alcohol in aboriginal communities is a massive problem. But making it the subject of a cartoon, making fun of it, is not going to help in any way.

All it is going to do is reinforce the prejudice of the narrow minded bigots in our society and sadden and humiliate members of the aboriginal community. And heaven knows, they can do without that.

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