Political Lala land to be resettled

Readers of this blog will have been aware of the antics of the previous inhabitants of political Lala land, particularly the Crown Prince Clive Palmer but also his fellow inhabitants David Leyonholm, Glenn Lazarus, Nick Xenophon, Bob Day, Jacqie Lambie, Zio Wang, Ricky Muir, Wayne Dropulich (anyone remember him?) and John Madigan.

untitled 13

But Malcolm Turnbull decided to make political Lala land uninhabitable by changing the Senate voting rules and calling a double dissolution.  The rest is history.

Well, the Crown Prince decided not to apply for a passport and the Brick with eyes,  the silent Chinaman and and the Petrolhead didn’t get up. Wayne Dropulich disappeared without a trace.

But David Leyonholm, Nick Xenophon, Bob Day, Jacqie Lambie all had their passports renewed and there’s a new lot of inhabitants and what a crowd.

They’re headed up by someone who is out to establish himself as Crown Prince with the demise of Clive Palmer: One Nation’s Senator 77 Malcolm Roberts. The 77 refers to the number of first preference votes he secured, the lowest number ever recorded in the Senate election.

So much for Malcolm Turnbull’s determination to rid  the Senate of people who were elected on small primary votes.

One Nation’s Senator 77 Malcolm Roberts.

 He is joined by WA One Nation senator Rod Culleton who is currently fighting criminal charges in the New South Wales court relating to a number of theft charges.  Great start to a parliamentary career and wonderful endorsement of the preselection processes of One Nation.


WA One Nation senator Rod Culleton may soon be residing at her Majesty’s pleasure

If found guilty, Culleton won’t be able to take up his seat in the Senate which will go to the next person on the One Nation ballot. Given that we’ve already got Malcolm Roberts, you wonder how much further down the barrel they are going to have to reach to pull out another rotten apple.

And then we’ve got Pauline who has been trying to get back to political Lala land for the last two decades and has finally made it.


 I’m back, so there!

 You can expect that the internal machinations of One Nation will likely rival those of Palmer United and preoccupy the Australian media for the next parliamentary term. It’ll be fun but it won’t lead to better policy or better government.

And then on top of all of this, we have Nick Xenophon, the political opportunist par  excellence whose major policy planks demonstrate that he has absolutely no grasp of the important issues facing Australia.  But he does have a great talent, like Pauline Hanson, for getting his name and face in the paper.

One thing you can say about Malcolm Turnbull, he has certainly changed the face of Australian politics in the 21st century. Whether it is for the better or not remains to be seen.

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