Tony Abbott: just an irritating political relevance

Tony Abbott’s appearance on 4 Corners demonstrated his  slow, painful and public descent into complete political relevance. Now relegated to the back bench, he took one of his increasingly infrequent opportunities on national television to rail against “factional warlords”,  “lobbyists” and “corruption” in the NSW Liberal party. All recent phenomena, presumably.


He was up to his old rhetorical tricks again, repeating “factional warlords” ad nauseam. And who are these fictional warlords. One of them is  party member Michael Photios,


That is not a warlord Tony, these are warlords.


And what do these warlords do all day? Well, according to Tony Abbott ithey spent a lot of time on the telephone stitching up preselection deals.

Abbott is unhappy about this because the dominant factional force in the New South Wales Liberal party is now the moderates who back Malcolm Turnbull. Abbott has been a member of Parliament for 26 years and is now on the outer and is not happy about it, naturally enough.  And, naturally enough, the forces that oppose him are  undemocratic and, worse still,  possibly corrupt.

So he has decided to stand on the sidelines and bleat about corruption which presumably only become an issue since Turnbull became Prime Minister.  He is also concerned about the lack of democratic processes inside the NSW Liberal party. Presumably this is also a very recent problem.

Is a pity that he didn’t take the opportunity that Joe Hockey took. Surely, the PM would have given him an ambassadorship to the Vatican. The problem is that if he leaves Parliament now, there will have to be a by-election in Warringah and the way politics is going at present, the Liberal party could possibly lose it.




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