Help with the Winton and Pappa Tim Story Book Project

My grandson Winston is developing a real enjoyment of stories and storybooks. But he also enjoys being told stories. Recently I showed him a series of photographs of him at the Collingwood children’s farm and strung together a narrative. He was fascinated. He also  thinks he is the little boy and Baa Baa Black Sheep.  And why not?

So I thought it would be great to write some web-based  picture storybooks about his adventures. Writing the stories is the easy bit.   It’s the picture part that  has me thinking.

Are there any programs that make drawing pictures like the one below really easy?

Or it is possible for a graphic designer to take a series of or drawings, say of Winton at the children’s farm, and turn those into a computer program where you can integrate and manipulate photographs of Winton so that he is the star/ hero of the story.

So with a picture like John Birmingham drawing of Mr Gumpy’s motorcar

untitled would be possible to transpose pictures of Winton and his friend Millie into this image? There are obvious questions about copyright and you wouldn’t use this image but does anybody know if this is possible in practice and there is anybody who would be interested in doing it.

What I would like to do is have a  template for a story such as ” A day at the children’s farm” and then be able to drop images of different children in so that grandparents/parents would have tailor-made stories to read to their children. It’s an indulgence.  And would probably be quite expensive. But once someone had set the templates set up, it might be reasonably inexpensive to run you could do multiple copies of the same story, Day at the beach, Day at the Footy when our team won et cetera.

If anyone knows of people who are capable and interested in doing this could they please share this post with them and get them to contact me

I think we need an illustrator and a graphic designer/computer programmer but that is where I need the help.


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