Letter to my grandson (xxv)

Dear Winton

You’re growing up before my very eyes and demonstrating a worldly sophistication far beyond your years.

This is a picture of you taken by your mum as you explained some point to her in one of the local cafes.


One of the things about being an inner-city kid is that you learn how to be cool in a coffee shop.

W and GPT at Laikon 2.jpg

This is us waiting for coffee at Laikon Deli.

You are developing into a wonderful mix of boy who is growing increasingly independent and one who still needs his Nana.

This is you two sharing lunch on a recent visit to the city.

And discussing the finer points of muffins at the Collingwood Children’s Farm.


And getting ready for a big jump at the Melbourne Zoo.


But for all this you are growing in your independence and your confidence in the way that you deal with the world around you.

But you still take time to view the world from the safety of Nana Di’s arms.


We have changed our morning greeting ritual. You used to come through the front door in your pusher and I would take you down to the living room where I would take you out of the pusher and we would unwrap the morning newspaper.

Now you are getting out of your pusher at the gate and climbing the stairs and knocking on the door. I am always waiting in my study and open the door for you. You look up at me, almost as if you don’t recognise me at first. Then you jump up for a big cuddle and we set off to find Nana Di in a game of hide and seek that has you shrieking and clinging to me in terrified delight.

You are also great company and have a remarkable ease with people particularly with the young kids that you meet.  This is you and a friend sharing some fun with balloons at an open day at the Richmond library.


This is you explaining some perfectly obvious point about pigs and gravel to your rather dimwitted grandparents.


But you are at your best with your mum and your dad.

This is you sharing a secret joke with your mum on your way to our place.


And discussing the joys of balloons with your dad.




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