Eric Abetz takes up residence in political Lala Land and begins transmission

Former Abbott government minister Eric Abetz has suggested journalists interrupting politicians in interviews could be considered “offensive and insulting” amid a push to change controversial provisions of the Racial Discrimination Act.


Abetz made the comments to Fran Kelly on the ABC and demonstrated quite conclusively that he does not understand the purpose or intent of the legislation.

It was pointed out to him that Kelly’s interrupting him was not based on his race and so would not be covered by the Act. Kelly probably interrupted him because he wasn’t answering the question.

This legislation is not about whether an individual feels offended or insulted but rather whether it can be demonstrated in law in such a way as to demonstrate that an offence has been committed under the Act.

They are two quite different things.

The antics of the likes of Eric Abetz and Cory Bernardi make one question whether we have too many senators with too little to do sitting in parliament.

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