If politics were played like rugby (iv): Playing politics and playing rugby

The political football season opened on rather dour note with both captains being given a yellow card and sin-binned in the first five minutes.

Shortly after the kickoff, an acrimonious argument broke out between the Federal Government team’s playing captain/coach/selector Malcolm Turnbull and the opposition captain Bill Shorten.

Turnbull accused Shorten of “playing rugby” after the opposition team tackled the government players as they ran down the field.

“How can you expect us to play,” complained Turnbull, ” If all you do is play rugby and try to tackle us.”

Shorten retorted,” “It’s not us that is playing rugby, it’s you. All this running up and down with the ball tucked under your arm.  We’re just being the opposition.”

At this point the referee intervened.

“Look you two, I’m sending you off for wasting time. And while you’re off, you will both write 100 lines  “I am here to play rugby”.”

By this stage a large number of the crowd could be seen heading for the exits.


If politics were played like rugby



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