The real voice of liberalism: an old man whose political views are still rooted in the 1950s.

Huffington reports: Former Prime Minister John Howard, and man, has predicted Australian women are unlikely to ever represent half of the federal parliament because of their greater child caring responsibilities.


John Howard: still living in the Menzies era.

The dour gender prediction comes just days after the Federal Liberal Party Executive adopted a long-term grassroots gender reform program in a bid to encourage more women to join, participate and eventually become leaders in the part

Howard then went on to say “”It shouldn’t be sort of — the mainstream should not be too timid to say things occasionally.”

This is the real problem we face today with people like Howard and Pauline Hanson in the rednecks and ratbags of the right. They claim to be mainstream simply because it is some support for their outmoded views.

Unfortunately, Australian media gives them far more airtime, and hence credibility, than their views deserve.

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