Malcolm Turnbull: turning an Achilles heel into an Achilles leg

They are starting to gang up on you Malcolm. The normal suspects: Peta Credlin,  Andrew Bolt, Jeff Kennett.

votes 1.jpeg

Bolt has very cleverly taken to grilling his guests on the achievements of Malcolm Turnbull’s government.

Here’s today’s headlines from The AgeStumped: Jeff Kennett also fails to name a Turnbull government achievement

This follows a similar recent failure on Peta Credlin’s part.

The idea of your government as a do-nothing government is turning out to be your Achilles heel. You’re a classical scholar so you understand the idea of an Achilles heel.

Pictures Summer 2005 222.jpg

Statue of Achilleas thniskon (Dying Achilles) at the Corfu Achilleion.

It was good politics to allow your heavyweight bovver boy Cory Bernardi to give the hapless Sam Dastyari a good kicking with his steel capped boots. But Sam’s been sent to the naughty corner now and you don’t need to go over and continue the job.

You’re the Prime Minister. You need to start being the Prime Minister.

Stop putting the boot into Bill Shorten. We all know he is not very good. We don’t need you to remind us, he will do that.

If you manage to convince the Labor Party he is hopeless, they may replace him with Anthony Albanese or even worse from your perspective, Mark Dreyfus.

votes 1.jpeg

And try not to turn your Achilles heel into an Achilles leg.




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